My Appearance on B2B Podcast Stories

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I recently had the opportunity to guest on the B2B Podcast Stories podcast, hosted by Guillaume Jouvencel and Hussam Ali. We had a great conversation about podcasting, and they even wrote up a nice little summary article of our interview! Check it out below. The Transformative Power of Podcasting for Psychologists In recent years, psychologists have embraced podcasting as a …

228. Making Meaning with Your Clients: Translating Millon Theory into Clinical Impact w/ Dr. Seth Grossman & Dr. Robert Tringone

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I am honored to have Dr. Seth Grossman and Dr. Robert Tringone on the show today to talk about the Millon family of instruments. Not only were Robert and Seth personally connected to Ted Millon for many years, they’ve continued to play major roles in the development and authorship of the instruments and those oh-so-nuanced interpretive reports.

226. Dimensional Conceptualization of Psychological Problems w/ Dr. Ben Lahey

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I’ve spoken with a number of folks over the years about the growing shift to a dimensional model of mental health. Today’s guest has literally written the book on this topic! Dr. Ben Lahey has been researching and writing about dimensional concepts for years and years, and I’m so fortunate to have him here to share some thoughts.

186 Transcript

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Dr. Sharp: Hello, everyone. Welcome to The Testing Psychologist podcast, the podcast where we talk all about the business and practice of psychological and neuropsychological assessment. I’m your host Dr. Jeremy Sharp, licensed psychologist, group practice owner, and private practice coach.  PAR has a number of remote testing tools that will help you stay safe during social distancing times. Measures …