You have highly specialized training in assessment and testing!

Testing is one of the ONLY things that sets psychologists apart from other mental health professionals. We have this amazing skill set that so often goes under utilized because of any number of myths…

  • It’s too hard to get referrals
  • The startup cost is too high
  • Insurance doesn’t pay for testing
  • Reports take too much time

I’ve dealt with all of these and found that they’re total nonsense. Don’t let them scare you.

How We’ll Grow Your Practice

People I’ve worked with have a desire to implement sound testing and evaluation services, but it can often be confusing to know where to spend money and how to get started. When I consult with people, I help them figure out where to best spend their resources and time in order to develop efficient, quality assessment services.

  • Define Your Goals

    We’ll talk about specific goals that match where you’re at and where you want to be with your practice.

  • Create a Clear Plan

    We’ll identify concise, well-defined steps to reach each of the goals you identify.

  • Keep You Accountable

    We’ll check in each meeting to see where you’re at and where you need support to keep growing!

  • Make Sure You Keep Thriving

    I won’t just cut you loose when our consulting package is done. We’ll identify future goals and you’ll have access to the Testing Psychologist Community to continue your growth!

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Get the Details

Need more info? No problem. Keep reading to find out more about consulting services.

Dr. Jeremy Sharp is who I look to when psychologists and counselors are seeking help with building a practice that offers testing. It’s such a needed service in our communities and Jeremy understands how to help business owners thrive in this niche without the burnout and frustration. He makes the information simple and accessible. More than anything, he is kind and so approachable in how he works with people. I really appreciate him and highly recommend him. Kelly Higdon, Kelly Higdon Coaching and

I’m ready. What are my options?

We can work together in a few different ways depending on where you’re at in your practice and your level of investment.

Mastermind Group


Per Month
  • Two meetings per month
  • 60 minutes per meeting
  • Access to private Facebook group for members
  • Personal attention coupled with focused support from the group
  • 10-meeting commitment
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Testing Mastery


Per Month
  • Six months of individual consulting
  • Two 45-minute meetings per month
  • Recorded website review
  • Review of report template
  • Complimentary paperwork packet
  • MP3 call recording
  • Perfect for those who want to really dive in to define and develop a testing niche, build efficient systems for testing, and grow a thriving practice!
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Still Unsure?

Have more questions? That’s totally fine – this is a big step! Give me a call. We’ll talk for twenty minutes (complimentary) and help you figure out how consulting can benefit your practice!