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I recently had the opportunity to guest on the B2B Podcast Stories podcast, hosted by Guillaume Jouvencel and Hussam Ali. We had a great conversation about podcasting, and they even wrote up a nice little summary article of our interview! Check it out below.

The Transformative Power of Podcasting for Psychologists

In recent years, psychologists have embraced podcasting as a transformative tool to share expertise, foster connections, and broaden their influence.

In a recent interview by the Podcast Marketing Agency, GHA Marketing, Dr. Jeremy Sharp, host of The Testing Psychologist Podcast, embodies the profound potential of podcasting in driving personal and professional development within the field.

Dr. Sharp’s Journey: From Private Practice to Podcasting for Psychologists

After establishing a successful private practice, Dr. Sharp ventured into podcasting in 2017, focusing on mental health practice consulting with an emphasis on psychological assessments.

His podcast serves as both an educational resource and a community hub, carving out a distinct niche within the psychology landscape.

Strategies for Success in Podcasting for Psychologists

Finding Your Niche and Engaging Your Audience

Identifying a specific area within psychology and delivering valuable, targeted content is essential for standing out and attracting a dedicated audience.

Dr. Sharp’s focus on psychological assessments exemplifies the power of niche content in podcasting.

Consistency and Content Quality

Consistent production and high-quality content are foundational to podcast success.

By offering valuable insights and addressing the needs of their audience, psychologists can establish authority and foster listener engagement over time.

Integration with Professional Practice

Podcasting can seamlessly complement traditional practice, serving as a platform to extend professional reach and impact.

Dr. Sharp’s journey from private practice to podcasting illustrates the symbiotic relationship between these two domains.

Sustaining Growth on Podcasting for Psychologists

Reflections on Evolution and Milestones

Dr. Sharp’s podcast has evolved significantly over seven years, with strategic content shifts and increased community engagement driving sustained growth.

Reflecting on challenges and milestones is integral to navigating the dynamic landscape of podcasting.

Building Authority and Trust on Podcasting for Psychologists

Establishing authority in psychology through podcasting requires authenticity and a genuine commitment to addressing listener needs.

By embracing their unique voice and experiences, psychologists can cultivate trust and credibility among their audience.

Integration with Business Development

Podcasting can serve as a catalyst for diverse revenue streams and business development opportunities within psychology.

From consulting to sponsorships, the podcasting ecosystem offers avenues for professional growth and expansion.

Key Insights for Aspiring Podcasters

Perseverance and Networking

Long-term success in podcasting demands perseverance and strategic networking.

Leveraging professional connections and consistently delivering valuable content are key drivers of sustained growth.

Delegation and Integration

Recognizing the importance of delegation and integrating podcasting with other platforms are critical for maximizing impact and scalability.

By leveraging complementary resources and feedback loops, psychologists can optimize their podcasting endeavors.


Podcasting offers psychologists a dynamic platform for personal and professional growth, community engagement, and business development.

Dr. Jeremy Sharp’s story underscores the transformative power of podcasting, inspiring psychologists to embark on their own journey of discovery and impact.

As psychologists use podcasts more, they can change their field’s future and leave a lasting impact on mental health discussions.

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