206. Next Level Systems w/ Natasha Vorompiova from Systems Rock

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We’ve been talking a lot about systems on the podcast lately. Today I have a true master of systems, Natasha Vorompiova from Systems Rock, to share some of her philosophy and secrets on developing systems in your practice. I really connected with Natasha on our shared love of noticing and eliminating inefficiencies in daily life.

202. From Solo to Group Testing Practice w/ Dr. Mandi White-Ajmani

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Are you a solo practitioner thinking about making the leap to a group testing practice? That’s where Dr. Mandi White-Ajmani was a few years ago, and she now has a thriving group practice in Brooklyn, New York with both therapists and neuropsychologists on staff. It was such a privilege to sit down with Mandi and talk about her journey from solo to group practice.