211. Legal and Ethical Issues in Assessment With Dr. Amanda Zelechoski (Replay)

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How many times have you run into challenging or ambiguous ethical situations and looked around your office, wishing an attorney would appear to answer all of your questions? For me, it’s countless. Dr. Amanda Zelechoski doesn’t answer ALL the questions that have ever come up, but she came really close on today’s episode!

209. Conceptualizing & Treating Irritable Kids w/ Dr. Melissa Brotman

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Irritability in kids has been a personal and professional interest for nearly two decades. I went to grad school at a time when pediatric bipolar disorder was the “hot” diagnosis, only to find out several years later that the irritability so often seen as representative of bipolar in kids did not actually predict a bipolar diagnosis during adulthood. The advent of disruptive mood dysregulation disorder advanced our knowledge quite a bit, yet these irritable kids continue to fall in a gray area as far as diagnosis and treatment. Dr. Melissa Brotman is here with me chatting all about her work with pediatric mood concerns, with a focus on the irritability and angry outbursts that so many of us see.

208. Providing and Seeking Consultation w/ Dr. Kathryn Esquer

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I cannot count how many times I’ve seen requests for clinical consultation come up in the Testing Psychologist Community and elsewhere. Fortunately, Dr. Kathryn Esquer has made a career out of connecting with others and helping them connect with one another. She is here today talking with me about the research and practice of clinical consultation, from both the consultant’s side and the consultee’s side.

207. Understanding Female Psychopathy w/ Dr. Jason Smith & Dr. Ted Cunliffe

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Today’s interview was fascinating. I had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Ted Cunliffe and Dr. Jason Smith, two of the co-authors of the book, Understanding Female Offenders. These guys have spent their careers working with- and studying female offenders and share a wealth of information from their own research and elsewhere.

206. Next Level Systems w/ Natasha Vorompiova from Systems Rock

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We’ve been talking a lot about systems on the podcast lately. Today I have a true master of systems, Natasha Vorompiova from Systems Rock, to share some of her philosophy and secrets on developing systems in your practice. I really connected with Natasha on our shared love of noticing and eliminating inefficiencies in daily life.

205. The SPECTRA w/ Dr. Justin Sinclair and Dr. Mark Blais

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The realm of psychopathology assessment is fascinating to me. Today I’m speaking with the developers of the SPECTRA Indices of Psychopathology, Dr. Mark Blais and Dr. Justin Sinclair, about their work to develop this measure over the last decade or so. They are kind enough to endure my naive questions about the measure and the assessment of psychopathology in general.

202. From Solo to Group Testing Practice w/ Dr. Mandi White-Ajmani

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Are you a solo practitioner thinking about making the leap to a group testing practice? That’s where Dr. Mandi White-Ajmani was a few years ago, and she now has a thriving group practice in Brooklyn, New York with both therapists and neuropsychologists on staff. It was such a privilege to sit down with Mandi and talk about her journey from solo to group practice.