221. Youthful Offender Evaluations w/ Dr. Nicole Vienna

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Dr. Nicole Vienna of Vienna Psychological Group is here to chat about youthful offender evaluations, a specialty area within her forensic practice. These evaluations play an important role in the sentencing and parole process for juveniles, shaping their lives and influencing important legal decisions. Nicole also hosts the Forensic Psychologist podcast, a podcast aimed at other forensic psychologists and attorneys who are interested in forensic work.

217. Dynamic Assessment with Second Language Learners w/ Dr. Esther Geva

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Dr. Esther Geva is here to talk through her work with assessing English language learners. She has worked for years in this arena and has literally co-written the book on culturally and linguistically diverse children. Esther shared a number of meaningful stories and case examples to really bring these principles to life.