201. The Latest Research on ADHD With Dr. Joel Nigg (Replay)

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Ever wondered if diet really plays a role in ADHD? What about screen time? Is medication still the best treatment? Dr. Joel Nigg sits down with me today to talk about all of these things and many more. His most recent book presents the state of the literature on all things ADHD, from genes, to brain structure, to sleep, to parenting.

187. Dr. Maggie Sibley – Differential Diagnosis and Assessment of ADHD (Replay)

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Would you rather read the transcript? Click here. Dr. Maggie Sibley has been researching ADHD assessment and intervention for nearly her entire academic career. She stops by today to share a wealth of knowledge on many facets of ADHD. Just a few things we talk about include: Key differences with ADHD in > 12-year-olds Separating trauma from ADHD Effects of …

175. Processing Speed and Psychiatric Disorders w/ Dr. Ellen Braaten

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Would you rather read the transcript? Click here “Kids tell us what they’re capable of doing through what they don’t want to do.” Dr. Ellen Braaten is back to talk through some of her recent work on processing speed and psychopathology. Along with her colleagues, Ellen recently published an article looking at the role of processing speed in a variety …