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  • TTP #111: The GAIN Program for ADOS-2 Training w/ Dr. Steve Kanne
  • TTP #110: Pragmatic Language and Autism in Deaf Children w/ Dr. Aaron Shield
  • TTP #109: Criminal and Civil Competency w/ Dr. Emin Gharibian
  • TTP #108: Why Your Business Will Fail w/ Adam Lean (Winter Business Series #3)
  • TTP #107: Virtual Assistants and Becoming A More Productive Testing Psychologist w/ Uriah Guilford (Winter Business Series #2)
  • TTP #106: Everything You Need to Know About Google Ads w/ John Sanders (Winter Business Series #1)
  • TTP #105: The Best Episodes of 2019
  • Threat Assessment & Management
    TTP #104: Dr. Stephanie Leite - Threat Assessment & Management
  • TTP #103: Dr. Brenna Tindall - Assessing Intimate Partner Violence & Sexual Violence

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