435. Nuances of Concussion w/ Dr. Josefine Combs

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With two kids who play competitive sports, the topic of concussion is both personally and professionally relevant for me. My guest today, Dr. Josefine Combs, is here to talk through the ins and outs of concussion. We primarily approach concussion through the lens of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center’s “profile” model of concussion symptoms and trajectory of recovery. These are just a few topics that we cover:

  • Basics and definitions: concussion, TBI, brain injury, severity, and so forth
  • The profile model of concussion conceptualization from UPMC
  • What “recovery” from mild TBI should look like
  • Treatment approaches for each of the concussion symptom profiles
  • Whether kids should play tackle football

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About Dr. Josefine Combs

Dr. Josefine Combs is a licensed clinical neuropsychologist that specializes in the assessment, management and treatment of concussions in people of all ages. She has extensive experience in the evaluation and management of concussions for athletes at any level of sports participation. Her patients include professional, collegiate, high school and youth athletes. Dr. Combs also treats non-athletes who suffered a head injury from work, home or motor vehicle accidents.

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