Getting Efficient with Time and Report Writing

TTP Episode 5: Getting Efficient with Time and Report Writing

Dr. Jeremy Sharp Podcast 2 Comments

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In This Episode

  • Today we talk about how to be efficient with your time management and report writing. Topics include:
  • Evaluating your schedule to get a realistic idea of the time involved in testing
  • Restructuring your schedule to make sure you have room for testing clients
  • Ways to outsource different aspects of testing to increase your available time
  • Technology that can help with time management and report writing

Cool Things Mentioned in This Episode

Comments 2

  1. Hey Jeremy!

    I have a small private practice and am looking to add psychological assessment into this practice. I just started listening to you podcast and am only to episode 5. You mentioned the 4 week blueprint in it so I came to the website hoping to find this, but it doesn’t come up anywhere…is it still available?


    1. Post

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