TTP #71: Dr. Steve Feifer – Learning Disorders Are Not Created Equal

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Dr. Steve Feifer has done it all over the course of his career: clinical work, test development, training, presentations…you name it, he’s done it. We spent some time today talking about all of these roles and much more. Steve and I dive into so many things, like…

  • How a regular psychologist becomes a test developer
  • What are the differences in certain types of reading and math disorders
  • Will there ever be a good assessment of writing ability
  • How do we intervene appropriately for different learning deficits

Cool Things Mentioned in This Episode

About Dr. Steven G. Feifer

Steven G. Feifer, DEd, ABSNP  has more than 20 years of experience as a school psychologist, and is a diplomate in school neuropsychology. He was voted the Maryland School Psychologist of the Year in 2008, and awarded the 2009 National School Psychologist of the Year.   Dr. Feifer has authored seven books on the neuropsychology of learning and emotional disorders in children, as well as two tests; the FAR and the FAM, both published by PAR.  He currently assesses children at the Monocacy Neurodevelopmental Center in Frederick, Maryland.

About Dr. Jeremy Sharp

I’m a licensed psychologist and Clinical Director at the Colorado Center for Assessment & Counseling, a private practice that I founded in 2009 and grew to include nine licensed clinicians, three clinicians in training, and a full administrative staff. I earned my undergraduate degree in Experimental Psychology from the University of South Carolina before getting my Master’s and PhD in Counseling Psychology from Colorado State University. These days, I specialize in psychological and neuropsychological evaluation with kids and adolescents.

As the host of the Testing Psychologist Podcast, I provide private practice consulting for psychologists and other mental health professionals who want to start or grow psychological testing services in their practices. I live in Fort Collins, Colorado with my wife (also a therapist) and two young kids.

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Comments 4

  1. Dr. Feifer,
    I was recently at one of your trainings in Texas. I wanted to know what you recommended to post in the classroom for Cvc words. I am an RTI teacher. You mentioned something about vowel letters in red.

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  2. Hi Jeremy,

    I seem to recall you mentioning in a recent podcast episode that there is now a quiz associated with your podcasts to assist with claiming continuing education hours. Where is the accessed?

    Thanks for your help!


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