TTP #45: Dr. Brenna Tindall – Sex Offenders, Forensics, and Criminal Justice Evaluations

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Could you sit in the same room as someone accused of murder? Determine competency of a 10-year-old child? Take a thorough history of sexually explicit crimes? This is Dr. Brenna Tindall’s life. She’s here today talking all about assessment in the criminal justice system. Here are just a few things that we get into:

  • Where to get referrals and how to connect with referral sources for these evals
  • What billing looks like for criminal justice evals
  • Vicarious trauma and compartmentalizing this work
  • The first steps to take if you want to get into this field

Cool Things Mentioned in This Episode

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About Dr. Brenna Tindall

Brenna Tindall, Psy.D., CAC III is a Licensed Psychologist, Full Operating SOMB evaluator/provider, Full Operating DVOMB evaluator, and Certified Addiction Counselor III. She has extensive experience evaluating and treating adult and adolescent clients who are involved with the criminal justice system.  She is also an Full Operating Evaluator for Offender’s with Intellectual Disabilities.  Dr. Tindall is a Certified Trainer for the SOTIPS and VASOR-2 adult sex offender risk assessments, as well as a Certified Trainer of the J-SOAP-II for juvenile sex offenders.  She is also a Certified Child Contact Assessment (CCA) Evaluator. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in psychology from Colorado State University and her Master’s and Doctorate degrees from the University of Denver.

Dr. Tindall specializes in forensic evaluations of individuals in the criminal justice system to include psychological evaluations, insanity evaluations, competency evaluations, sex offense specific evaluations, domestic violence evaluations, dual diagnosis evaluations, substance abuse evaluations, cognitive evaluations, and Child Contact Assessments. Of particular importance to Dr. Tindall is the application of the Risk Need Responsivity Principle as it applies to the assessment and identification of needs of offenders.  Dr. Tindall presented at the ATSA conference in 2017; is presenting at the 2018 MASOC conference in Massachusetts; the 2018 ATSA/Alliance Conference in New York in 2018; and presents annually at the Colorado SOMB conference. She has presented on areas such as sex offender risk assessments; juvenile sex offender risk assessment instruments; cumulative career traumatic stress/vicarious trauma; the “ins-and-outs of psychosexual evaluations;” juvenile and adult SOMB Standards; and psychological evaluations as possible mitigation in criminal cases.

You can get in touch with Brenna via email at

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As the host of the Testing Psychologist Podcast, I provide private practice consulting for psychologists and other mental health professionals who want to start or grow psychological testing services in their practices. I live in Fort Collins, Colorado with my wife (also a therapist) and two young kids.

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