TTP #123: Cultural Competence in Assessment w/ Dr. Linda McGhee

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I’m incredibly fortunate to have Dr. Linda McGhee here for a conversation around cultural competence and assessment. Please note that this episode was recorded just after George Floyd’s murder, before the video was widely available and the protests began. As such, we do not discuss the events explicitly, though we do speak about a variety of related topics. Although we can only just scratch the surface of a multi-layered, nuanced area of assessment, Linda did a great job laying out a number of points to consider when working with clients of diverse backgrounds. She shares some of her own stories and experiences, as well as resources for clinicians looking to build culturally responsive assessment skills.

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About Dr. Linda McGhee

Dr. McGhee trained for her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at George Washington University. Prior to completing studies for her doctorate, she received her law degree from George Washington University, after which she practiced law and served in various administrative roles for a number of years. She completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Michigan. Dr. McGhee is currently on the clinical faculty for the Washington School of Psychiatry.  She is a former Adjunct Professor at George Washington University and the Chicago School of Professional Psychology where she taught personality assessment.

Dr. McGhee is a Board Member of the Maryland Psychological Association.  She recently served as the Director of the Teaching and Learning Center at the Landon School in Bethesda. Prior to that, she served several years as a psychologist at Landon. 

Dr. McGhee’s treatment specialties include anxiety, depression, and adjustment-related disorders. Stressors surrounding academic and high school/college pressures are also a treatment focus. She also treats adults and children coping with divorce, adoption, and identity concerns.

In terms of assessment and testing, Dr. McGhee specializes in the assessment of children and adolescents for learning problems, emotional problems, executive functioning, and ADHD. Dr. McGhee also uses her extensive background in law and psychology to provide educational advocacy for clients and families including negotiation of IEPs. She also performs testing (WPPSI and WISC) for the purposes of admissions into independent schools.   A related specialty is consulting on school selection, both local and boarding schools. 

Dr. McGhee speaks publicly and writes about a variety of issues including executive functioning, stress and children, divorce and children, diversity, assessment, and ethical concerns.

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I’m a licensed psychologist and Clinical Director at the Colorado Center for Assessment & Counseling, a private practice that I founded in 2009 and grew to include 12 licensed clinicians, three clinicians in training, and a full administrative staff. I earned my undergraduate degree in Experimental Psychology from the University of South Carolina before getting my Master’s and PhD in Counseling Psychology from Colorado State University. These days, I specialize in psychological and neuropsychological evaluation with kids and adolescents.

As the host of the Testing Psychologist Podcast, I provide private practice consulting for psychologists and other mental health professionals who want to start or grow psychological testing services in their practices. I live in Fort Collins, Colorado with my wife (also a therapist) and two young kids.

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  1. Psychometrist from Canada/ Great podcast. Have worked in both the United States and Canada for psychologists and neuropsychologists. I found it most encouraging and knowledgeable. Thank you
    More work in the area by dedicated professionals.

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