TTP #119: Autism in Girls & Women w/ Dr. Donna Henderson

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A few months ago, I got the same email from several people within a couple of days: “Jeremy, you HAVE to have Donna Henderson on your podcast to talk about autism in girls!” At the time, Donna had just circulated a comparison table of autism symptoms and presentation in the PED-NPSY listserv, and it spread like wildfire. I’m so fortunate to have her here today to dive deep into autism and how it looks in girls and women. These are just a few things that we cover:

  • Are we really missing girls with ASD?
  • If these cases are so subtle, does it matter if we’re missing them?
  • How do girls on the spectrum present differently?
  • Typical battery for assessing autism in girls

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About Dr. Donna Henderson

Dr. Donna Henderson has been a clinical psychologist for 25 years. She earned her doctoral degree from the School of Professional Psychology at Wright State University and subsequently worked as a staff psychologist and then Director of Acquired Brain Injury at the Gaylord Hospital in Connecticut. After staying home with her three children, Dr. Henderson joined a private practice, The Stixrud Group, in 2011. She specializes in neuropsychological evaluations for individuals with cognitive, academic, social, and/or emotional challenges, with a particular specialty in autism.  Dr. Henderson is a frequent lecturer on the subtle presentations of autism, on girls and women with autism, and on parenting children with complex profiles.

About Dr. Jeremy Sharp

I’m a licensed psychologist and Clinical Director at the Colorado Center for Assessment & Counseling, a private practice that I founded in 2009 and grew to include 12 licensed clinicians, three clinicians in training, and a full administrative staff. I earned my undergraduate degree in Experimental Psychology from the University of South Carolina before getting my Master’s and PhD in Counseling Psychology from Colorado State University. These days, I specialize in psychological and neuropsychological evaluation with kids and adolescents.

As the host of the Testing Psychologist Podcast, I provide private practice consulting for psychologists and other mental health professionals who want to start or grow psychological testing services in their practices. I live in Fort Collins, Colorado with my wife (also a therapist) and two young kids.

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  1. Dr. Sharp this was one of the best podcasts I have listened to so far. I furiously took notes and compared what I learned to what I do presently and I am definitely changing things around. Thank you so much for interviewing Dr. Henderson!

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  2. Gender differences always key. Finally being acknowledged, documented and shared. Dr. Henderson also touches on the issue of bias, including in her/of her own experience, another critical issue impacting evaluation and treatment…and ultimately, people’s lives.

  3. Hi there!

    I thought this podcast was terrific. The show notes include some great resources, though I was hoping the list of her questions would have been included, as well as some additional articles.

  4. Great talk! I would like to hear more about raising awareness in pediatrician offices and schools for early intervention.

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  6. Is there a transcript available for this episode? I’m woman with ASD and would love to learn but I struggle with auditory learning, so I usually utilize transcripts instead of listening to the podcast itself.

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      It looks like we haven’t transcribed this one yet, but I’ll ask my assistant to bump it to the top of the queue!

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