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[00:00:00] Hey y’all, welcome to The Testing Psychologist podcast, episode 58, Summer Sprint series #2. Today we’re talking all about where to find good hires.

Before I jump into that, I have announcement no 1. This is something that I am so excited about. I’ve been working on this for months, so I am excited to release it to the world.

Today podcast listeners get the first announcement that I have put together two paperwork packets that I’ve been asked about so many times by people in the Facebook group and consulting clients and they are ready to roll.

I have three paperwork packets that will be available next week on thetestingpsychologist.com/resources. Those three packets are my report template package, which has a child and an adult report [00:01:00] template. I have an intake administrative paperwork packet. This is the same packet that comes bundled with my testing mastery consulting package, but I have pieced that out and I’m selling the paperwork packet on its own.

The final thing that I’ve been working hardest on is our psychometrist training manual. So many people have asked me about this and it is ready to go. That psychometrist training manual is, all the ins and outs, start to finish, top to bottom of how we train our psychometricians or psychometrists; the grad students, and the other techs who work in our practice. So if you’re thinking about hiring or if you have folks who are coming on board or who are on board, check that out.

You can get each of those packets separately or you can get two different bundles. One of the bundles [00:02:00] has all of them together. One will have the report template and the intake admin paperwork. Like I said, that will be ready to go next week. Keep listening to the Summer Sprint series and I will make the announcement when that is ready to go. In the meantime, get excited. I definitely am.

All right, onto today’s episode.

All right. Here we are back at the Summer Sprint series, 2nd episode. The Summer Sprint series, if you didn’t hear episode #1, is a short 4-episode series where I’m going over some quick tips on building your business, doing some visioning, and planning for growth.

[00:03:00] In the second episode, I am talking all about where to find good folks. This seems to be a common problem but I have found a few different methods of hiring and places to look and have had some success with all of these to some degree. So I’m going to run through these pretty quickly and hopefully give you some ideas of where to find good folks.

I would say the number one place that I’ve found good psychologists to do testing has been through my former graduate department. I am in practice in the same city that I went to grad school, and that has definitely helped. I tend to employ psychometrists who come from that program and then subsequently have hired several of them for psychologist positions here in our practice. So, that is recommendation #1, check with your [00:04:00] grad school program. Even if you have moved away out of town, you never know where those graduates might be. Sometimes you can find folks who want to move to your new city and come work for you just for familiarity’s sake, at least for a postdoc, and then, those folks might stay on later down the road.

The other place that I’ve had a lot of success is pretty common. I have advertised on Indeed and gotten some good results. There are two ways that you can advertise on Indeed. One of those is by doing the standard free advertisement. That has worked well for me for some of the non-specialized positions like the therapist positions or my admin assistant. For testing though, I ended up going with the sponsored route. It’s like everything else in [00:05:00] advertising. If you sponsor it or pay for it, you’re going to get that ad in front of more folks. So I would not be afraid to sponsor a post and try to get it in front of more psychologists.

I didn’t spend a whole lot of money. I think for each of the psychologist ads I put out there, I maybe sponsored it for $200 to 300 a month, which sounds like a lot, especially if you’re in solo practice. But if you think about it, if you can bring on a new hire who does a really good job, the money is going to come back in folds, I don’t know, I was about to say a hundredfold or thousandfold. It’s a lot. So don’t be afraid to spend a little money to find some good hires on Indeed. 

Another place that I have had some success is listservs. The Minnesota Pediatric [00:06:00] Neuropsych Listserv has been great. I’ve gotten several inquiries from when I posted there. The Early Career Listserv is a group through Yahoo, I think it’s, what is it? I forget the address right now, but it’s Early Career Psychologist Listserv. It’s a Yahoo group. That can be a great resource as well.

One of the other places where I have found good connections and hires is LinkedIn. If you have a robust LinkedIn network, you can just put it out to your connections on your page and say, Hey, I’m looking to hire someone new. You can also pay to advertise a job on LinkedIn as well. I have not done that. I’ve put it out to my network, but I have a pretty good network of psychologists and neuropsychologists on LinkedIn and those folks can spread the word.

Where else? The other [00:07:00] place that I have had success with hiring or with inquiries at least is on our community or city or regional Facebook group. A lot of places out there have Facebook groups specific to your area of the country. For us, it’s the Fort Collins Therapist Network. There’s one for Denver, there’s one for Colorado Springs, and there’s even a testing-specific one. Check out your regional listservs or Facebook groups and don’t be afraid to make some connections there you can put your job announcements on those resources as well.

So it is tough. I could do a whole other podcast on hiring, how to interview, what to look for, and all those sorts of things. I have talked about it at some points in the past, it’s an ongoing discussion, but I’m just going to leave the hiring [00:08:00] venues for this podcast.

Just to recap, a few different options for where to hire your folks. You can look in your grad school program for either a psychometrist or graduated and licensed folks or postdocs. You can look on Indeed. You can pay to advertise on Indeed. You can look on listservs like the Minnesota Pediatric Neuropsych listserv, the Early Career Psychologist listserv, and then you can also look on LinkedIn. You can pay to advertise on LinkedIn. Finally, you can post on your community Facebook group, regional Facebook group, or listserv.

I hope that some of those ideas may give you some indication of where to post those ads and help you find good psychologists to join your practice.

Thanks as [00:09:00] always for listening. This was Summer Sprint series #2, next time in #3, which will be out next week, we’re going to be talking about whether to hire or not to hire administrative support, like an admin staff or billing company.

Like I said, at the beginning, I’ve got a paperwork packet coming out. I’ve got three paperwork packets coming out. I’ve got report templates, I’ve got intake/admin paperwork, and then I have the psychometrist training manual. Those will be out next week. Keep listening for the official announcement, but you heard it here first. I’m not going to send an email out to my list until I give the podcast listeners at least a week to jump on that packet. So, check that out next week.

In the meantime, if you haven’t checked out our Facebook group, if you’re not part of the Facebook group, give that a shot. It’s called The Testing Psychologist Community on Facebook. You can search and [00:10:00] find us pretty easily. We talk about all things testing there. I think you’d like it.

If you just can’t wait, if you are trying to grow your practice, build your practice, expand your practice, or start a practice in testing particularly, I would love to help you out with that. So, give me a call. We could do a complimentary 20-minute phone call to check out to see if consulting is the right choice for you. And if not, no pressure, I will point you in whatever direction seems to be the right direction from there. So you can sign up for that on the website, which is thetestingpsychologist.com/consulting. I would love to chat with you.

All right y’all, have a good weekend. I will talk to you next week with Summer Sprint series #3.

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