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[00:00:00] Hello, everyone. Welcome to The Testing Psychologist podcast, the podcast where we talk all about the business and practice of psychological and neuropsychological assessment. I’m your host, Dr. Jeremy Sharp, licensed psychologist, group practice owner, and private practice coach.

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Welcome back to the podcast, everybody. And welcome to the final installment in the EHR review series. Today was an interesting one. I included an EHR called Jane in the review series because I’ve heard [00:01:00] really good things about it from different folks in the mental health space, but it’s not one of those really well-known EHRs. It’s definitely not one of the top five that people think of when it comes to mental health. So I wanted to give it a shot and see what came of it. And I’m glad I did.

A short story is that I think it is certainly worth considering. And I will go into great detail about that in the accompanying YouTube video for this podcast.

So as with all the previous EHR reviews, you can go to the YouTube channel, The Testing Psychologist, and there’s a playlist called EHR reviews for testing psychologists. And this will be in there as well. So the video is again about 30 to 40 minutes long, and it’s just me diving in, messing around with the system, and doing all of those things that we tend to do as psychologists to see how the system works [00:02:00] for us.

Before I jump into the podcast where I do a brief summary of my review of Jane, I wanted to invite any beginner practice owners out there to consider the beginner practice mastermind group as a way to get support and accountability as you launch your practice in 2021. So this is a group of other psychologists who are launching testing practices. I’m the facilitator. And like I said, the intent is to give you all the guidance and support you might need, and some accountability to get those things done so that you can launch or help your practice continue to grow if you have already launched. You can find out more information at thetestingpsychologists.com/beginner and you can apply for a pre-group call there as well.

All right, let’s jump to my discussion about Jane, an EHR for testing psychologists.

[00:03:00] Okay, let’s dig into it, everybody. I am excited to talk with you about Jane as an EHR for testing psychologists. Right off the bat, I have no idea where the name Jane came from, but it kind of follows in the trend of what’s hot right now with sort of cute one-word app names. But naming aside spoiler, I think Jane was pretty good. It was pretty good. I could see it as a contender for testing psychologists. Two things that I did not really get into were, inputting patient info because they have a demo account with tons of patients already put into the system. So I did not do that. And the other thing that [00:04:00] I didn’t really look at was sending paperwork through the online portal. It certainly appears that they have pretty robust functionality for doing so.

Okay, so let’s jump into Jane. As usual, this is going to be a relatively brief review and the YouTube video which is linked in the show notes or on the YouTube channel, The Testing Psychologist, will have that in-depth review. So definitely check that out.

As far as good things about Jane, there is a lot to like. So, Jane, just right off the bat, I can tell you about the pricing. So pricing is $74 for a solo practitioner not billing insurance. $99 for a solo practitioner who would like to bill insurance and have all those features included. But where things get interesting are at what they call the corporate level, which is 10 practitioners for $369. So you can see the price drops [00:05:00] dramatically if you have a larger practice. So that’s my first pro for Jane is that there is really very competitive pricing for larger practices. Either way, there’s going to be a $25…it’s either a $20, $25, or $30 fee for additional practitioners above and beyond the base level for each of those tiers. So keep that in mind. But yeah, if you have a bigger practice, that’s very competitive pricing.

Along those lines, Jane, I think, is really built well for larger practices. So as you’ll see in the YouTube video, there are lots of options for bigger practices. It’s clearly set up the handle multiple locations, and a room scheduling many, many practitioners, multi-disciplinary clinics. I think it would be great if you have a multidisciplinary clinic because Jane is [00:06:00] not specific to mental health practitioners. It includes templates and information for Chiropractors, acupuncture, massage, nutritionists, that sort of thing. So if you have a larger multidisciplinary practice, it could be a nice option for you.

Another thing, more testing specific is that Jane did offer customizable note templates. I think it is pretty robust in terms of the note builder. Maybe not quite as user-friendly as something like IntakeQ, for example, but it did have customizable note templates where you can build a testing note that makes sense for us where you can have checkboxes for the tests that you administer and then corresponding note boxes where you can type in the time, and any notes about the test that you gave. So the note templates are pretty customizable and relatively easy to assign [00:07:00] to specific practitioners or specific services.

Overall, I think the layout of Jane was really nice. I mean, the colors are attractive, but you can also pick the colors and you can upload your logo and branding and all of that, which is nice.

There are a ton of reporting features in Jane. So, I’m talking about like income reports, activity reports, patient reports. There are a ton of reports that you can run. So if you’re a data person and you really like to track a bunch of numbers, this could be a good one for you.

They have a number of really interesting little features that I really liked. You can choose the color of your appointments. You can upload a bio and a pic of your practitioners. You can upload practitioners’ signatures too to sign notes and documents and so forth. There are also integrations. There’s an [00:08:00] integration with MailChimp. So if your patients opt into your email list from the intake process or intake paperwork, you can automatically import them to MailChimp which I thought was really cool. I haven’t seen an EHR do that. It’s an easy way to build an email list. They have some other integrations as well, like with Google analytics.

So, I think it was pretty thorough thinking through of all the nuances that a practitioner might want, particularly on the business side. I haven’t seen a lot of EHR pay that much attention to businessy kinds of reports.

Another feature, if you have a larger practice, it’s really easy to track income for employees. You can set different percentages for different employees and that sort of thing.

So that was cool.

It also comes with a built-in database of codes for both billing codes and diagnostic codes. So that was pretty easy to [00:09:00] set up testing-specific appointments. And I found it pretty easy to create an add-on code or assign multiple codes to the same date of service and choose the units. All of those things were pretty easy. So, yeah, there are a number of things to like about Jane.

As far as things that were less attractive. Here are the things that I did not like.

Let’s take a quick break to hear from our featured partner.

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All right, let’s get back to the podcast.

The biggest thing, and again, keep in mind, this is a beginner review. I didn’t do any work with the software before I jumped in.

So this is just really a gauge of how user-friendly it is right off the bat. But I could not figure out how to write a note for the appointment, like a process note or a progress note rather. I kind of poked around and you’ll see on the video, I spent a fair amount of time trying to figure this out, and I just couldn’t find the place where I’m supposed to write the [00:11:00] note. Easily could be an oversight on my part. Lord knows I make oversights in many, many situations. So I may have just missed it, but I couldn’t find it.

Related to that, it was not super obvious how I might submit an insurance claim. So for insurance-based practices, keep that in mind. It was really easy to see the claims that needed to be submitted and you could Mark them as submitted. I’m just not totally sure how to actually submit them. Now, that may be a feature that’s not available in the demo and I just couldn’t access it, but it did stand out.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you are a solo practitioner, I think Jane might be a little overwhelming. There are a lot of features and, it might be kind of a little bit of overkill for a solo practitioner. That’s up for you to decide, but that’s [00:12:00] one thing that I picked up on. It is very robust for a larger practice. I’m not sure if solo practitioners need everything that it provides.

And related to that, it is more expensive for a solo practitioner compared to some of the other options out there that tend to kind of hover around that like $40 to $50 a month range. So starting at $74 without insurance billing, and then going up to $99 with insurance billing for a solo practitioner is on the high side. But again, it has a number of positive qualities and integrations. So that’s up for you to decide.

Overall, in terms of the verdict for Jane, I would keep it on the list as an EHR to consider.

I would absolutely consider it if you have a larger practice. And if you have a multidisciplinary practice, that’s even better. I could see it being really, [00:13:00] really helpful. So, yeah, generally thumbs up. Definitely, some things that could be different, but there weren’t any deal breakers. And a lot of the cons are just things that maybe I couldn’t figure out during my beginner status in the EHR.

So there you have it. That’s my brief review of Jane. Like I said, go to the YouTube channel and check out the YouTube video review for the full deal where I dive in for 30 or 40 minutes and just explore.

Thank you as always for listening. If you are a beginner practice owner trying to launch your testing practice in 2021, or if you just launched, you know, if you’re maybe 6 to 12 months out from launching and you feel like you would need some support and guidance, this could be the group for you. So you can get more info at thetestingpsychologists.com/beginner. And let’s see, we have two spots left. And I would love to see you there. [00:14:00] So you can book a pre-group call. We’ll talk about it, see if it’s a good fit, and possibly get you into that group and get you where you want to go with launching your practice.

Okay. I will be back on Monday and I hope everyone is doing well. Staying warm, getting their vaccines.

All right. Take care y’all.

The information contained in this podcast and on The Testing  Psychologists website are intended for informational and educational purposes only. Nothing in this podcast or on the website is intended to be a substitute for professional, psychological, psychiatric, or medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, [00:15:00] please note that no doctor-patient relationship is formed here. And similarly, no supervisory or consultative relationship is formed between the host or guests of this podcast and listeners of this podcast. If you need the qualified advice of any mental health practitioner or medical provider, please seek one in your area. Similarly, if you need supervision on clinical matters, please find a supervisor with expertise that fits your needs.

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