TTP #57: Summer Sprint Series #1 – Visioning and Business Planning

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Welcome to the first episode in the Summer Spring series, where we’re talking quick tips on business planning, visioning, and growth for those who want to scale their practices. Each episode will have a few quick tips on a specific topic as well as a “bonus” announcement about upcoming Testing Psychologist events!  Today’s topic is visioning: do you want to …

Summer Cleaning for Your Practice

TTP #56: Summer Cleaning for Your Practice

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Let’s talk about spring cleaning for your practice. Sure, it’s summer – but summer is when many of us have free time to actually step back and take stock of things (if you don’t have that free time, that’s tip number one – create time on your schedule to review your practice!). Today I’m talking about a few quick tips …

TTP #55: Dr. Robin Peterson – All About Dyslexia Assessment

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Dr. Robin Peterson has been researching dyslexia and other learning disorders since she was in graduate school. As a grad student, she worked closely with Bruce Pennington and co-authored many chapters in the second edition of his book (Diagnosing Learning Disorders, Second Edition), and she’s now an official co-author on the third edition coming out in January 2019. We covered …

Immigration and hardship evaulations

TTP #54: Cecilia Briseno – Immigration Hardship Evaluations

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I’m so fortunate to be talking with Cecilia Briseno today all about immigration and hardship evaluations. I actually knew very little about these evaluations, so this was an illuminating experience for me. It was also just so touching to hear how these evaluations are close to Cecilia’s heart and carry on her family’s legacy of giving back. Here are just …

Quick Tips on Building an Email List

TTP #53: Quick Tips on Building an Email List

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Email marketing. What does that even mean? I’m still not exactly sure, but I do know that we had a phenomenal response to our last email blast, so I think email marketing is important to talk about. I’m presenting a case study of sorts today to give you an idea of how to start building and utilizing an email list …

Getting Feedback About My Own Kid

TTP #51: Getting Feedback About My Own Kid

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I get a little more real in this episode after having a less-than-positive experience at my kids’ teacher conferences recently. Being on the other side of a feedback session got me thinking about all the parents and families we sit with, and how difficult it is to hear that a child or family member is struggling. Cool Things Mentioned in …

TTP #50: Dr. Ellen Braaten – All About Processing Speed

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Dr. Ellen Braaten literally wrote the book on processing speed. Her latest book, Bright Kids Who Can’t Keep Up, talks all about processing speed – what it is, how it manifests in real life, and what to do to help kids with it. Today’s conversation was packed with good info. Here are a few things we touch on: What exactly …

TTP #49: Medical Necessity and Pre-Authorization for Testing Services

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Today I’m talking all about the elusive “medical necessity” guidelines and what it takes to get pre-authorization for testing services. Many insurance companies, when they ask for pre-authorization, are just looking for a concrete rationale to support the testing. The more details you can give, and the more clearly you can explain the link between a client’s symptoms, how testing …