Clinical Paperwork Packet


Report templates, interview templates, and more – these documents will give you nearly everything you need for the clinical side of testing!



Why reinvent the wheel with writing reports? This packet is perfect if you’re starting out and don’t want to write templates from scratch OR if you have an existing report template that just isn’t working for you anymore.

In this packet, you’ll get a separate report template for:

  • Pre-school age (5 and under)
  • School ageĀ (6-16)
  • Adult (17+)

Each template is easily adapted to fit psychological evals, neuropsychological evals, or psychoeducational evals for a variety of presenting concerns. Here’s some more information about what you’re getting:

  • Templates range from 6-8 pages long and typically end up giving you a 9-14 page report when all is said and done
  • Each template is completely customizable – keep what you want, delete anything you don’t, or add things that you do want!
  • Templates are provided in Microsoft Word (.docx) format for easy editing

In addition to the report templates, this packet also includes:

  • An editable Behavioral Observations Record to document testing behaviors throughout the day
  • A modified, shortened ADI-R that allows you to capture many key components of ASD symptoms in younger kids without administering the entire measure
  • Guidelines for other psychologists in your practice on conducting an initial interview


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