Advanced Practice Mastermind

A group coaching experience JUST for experienced testing clinicians ready to take their well-established practices to the next level!

A Mastermind group is an increasingly popular coaching approach to help a group of like-minded individuals reach their goals. Groups are made up of clinicians with similar personal and professional ambitions - you will make a commitment to hold each other accountable for progress and provide support during challenging times. A Mastermind group is an excellent place to learn, grow, and be challenged by other practitioners who specialize in assessment!

You're a GREAT fit for this group if you...

  • Have a thriving practice with a gross income over $75k/year
  • Want to optimize or refine your testing battery to be clinically sound, efficient, and cost-conscious
  • Have serious testing experience but want to put more time into the "business stuff"
  • See business development as equally important (or maybe more important!) than clinical time
  • Are thinking about hiring clinical or admin staff, or would like to hire more
  • Have an entrepreneurial mind and want to find some way to put it to use in your practice
  • Are considering additional income streams outside of pure clinical work
  • Love bouncing ideas off of other clinicians
  • Thrive in providing support to others and sharing your own knowledge
  • Need the accountability of regular meetings with peers who will check in with you TWICE every month

What you'll get from this group...

  • A 20-minute hot seat at least once a month specifically for you to dive deep into your personal questions
  • Bi-monthly accountability from other testing clinicians
  • The benefit of peer collaboration and new ideas for places you're stuck
  • Vicarious learning as others work through their own concerns
  • Learning that you know more than you think you do, when you give great feedback to other members
  • Access to a private Facebook group just for you and other group members, where I'm very active
  • A facilitator with over 10 years of experience in starting and growing an assessment-specific practice, with current practice revenue over $1M/year

The Details:

Who: maximum of 6 people in the group

When: Every other Thursday, 9-10 MST, starting ASAP

Where: Zoom video conferencing over the internet

What: "Hot seat" style...first 10 minutes - wins and success. Next 40 minutes -  hot seat sessions to focus specifically on two members. Last 10 minutes: check out, teaching, accountability reminders.

How much: $249 per month


Hey there! I'm Dr. Jeremy Sharp - licensed psychologist and host of the Testing Psychologist podcast. Thanks for checking out the Mastermind group!

Little known facts about me:

  1. Before I focused entirely on testing, I led an interpersonal process therapy group for over five years straight
  2. I have nearly 1000 hours of experience leading therapy groups over my career
  3. I've participated in a Mastermind myself and completely believe in the power of group to help you grow and succeed!