High Achieving Millennials

TTP #17: Dr. Erika Martinez – Assessment for High Achieving Millennials

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Erika Martinez is a classically trained neuropsychologist who shifted her practice so that she’s doing exactly what she wants without the part that many of us hate – writing full reports. We talk all about how she has changed her assessment approach to fit her population – high achieving teenagers and millennials. Cool Things Mentioned in This Episode Beck scales …

TTP #16: Kelly Higdon – Building Your Perfect Practice

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It’s clear why Kelly Higdon is one of the best private practice consultants out there. She is truly walking the walk. A couple of years ago, she realized that she did not want to see therapy clients all day. So she sold the assets to her practice, moved all of her services to an online format, and now works no more …

Slow Down

TTP #15: Slow Down. Perfectionism is Overrated.

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I almost didn’t publish an episode this week. After being out of town last weekend, I was strapped for time and didn’t feel that I could put together a full episode for this week. I almost pushed it off to next Monday, but then said to myself, “Now’s a good time to practice what you preach.” So I pulled it …

Psychological Paperwork

TTP #14: Dr. Maelisa Hall – Get Your Paperwork in Order!

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Dr. Maelisa Hall figured out early on that she has a passion for paperwork. Lucky for the rest of us, Maelisa has built a consulting business around helping therapists and psychologists get their paperwork and documentation in order. She also has a private practice and does ADHD testing for adults, so she understands the paperwork demand from a testing standpoint …

Vulnerability of Psychological Testing

TTP #13: The Vulnerability of Psychological Testing

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I totally messed up a feedback session last week, and it reminded me how going through the psychological testing process can be extremely vulnerable for clients. For one thing, they really don’t know what to expect other than, “Someone is going to analyze me/my child.” The representation of assessment in the media is pretty much limited to contrived inkblot scenes and vague …

Coordinating with Schools

TTP #12: Amy Fortney Parks – IEP’s, 504’s, and Coordinating with Schools

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This is the longest podcast so far with good reason. Amy Fortney Parks and I just packed SO MUCH info into this episode about private practice evaluations and coordinating with schools. Amy has years and years of experience with schools as an educator, school counselor, parent, and now private practitioner. We cover all sorts of topics like: The NUMBER ONE best marketing …

How to Do A School Observation

TTP #11: How to Do a School Observation

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School observations are REALLY important when you’re evaluating kids. Today I’m talking all about the importance of a school observation, how school observations can be a great marketing tool, and the practical elements of how to do a school observation. Here are just a few things I discuss: How to talk to parents about a school observation Billing for a …

Therapeutic Assessment

TTP #10: Dr. Megan Warner – Therapeutic Assessment

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Collaborative therapeutic assessment is such a cool thing. So often, testing and evaluation is viewed as a critical, deficit-based process (“You’re going to tell me I’m crazy!?”). Megan and I have a great conversation about how to use therapeutic assessment as an intervention tool to support clients rather than a punitive or scary experience. Cool Things Mentioned in This Episode In …

Respecializing in Neuropsychology

TTP #9: Dr. Amy Connery – Respecializing in Neuropsychology & Performance Validity Testing with Kids

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Dr. Amy Connery has had a really interesting career in psychology. She started out as a “regular” psychologist, then decided that she wanted to respecialize in neuropsychology. So Amy quit her job, went back for another post-doc, and continued with her dreams. She talks with me today about respecializing in neurpsychology, getting into- and out of private practice, and one of …

Hiring Assessment Clinicians

TTP #8: Joe Sanok – Hiring Assessment Clinicians in Your Group Practice and Slowing Down

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Joe Sanok has done a lot over the last few years. You may know him as the host of the Practice of the Practice podcast. He also runs Mental Wellness Counseling in Traverse City, Michigan and is one of the top private practice consultants in the country. He’s also putting on a conference this summer to help practitioners slow down and …