TTP #46: Dr. Serena Enke – Specializing in Bariatric Evaluations

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I’ve known Serena for about 15 years now, and I was so excited to have her on the podcast to talk all about specializing in bariatric evaluations. When I caught up with Serena several months ago and learned that she was doing them in private practice, I knew she’d have a highly precise, research-informed system for doing these evals. Today, …

TTP #45: Dr. Brenna Tindall – Sex Offenders, Forensics, and Criminal Justice Evaluations

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Could you sit in the same room as someone accused of murder? Determine competency of a 10-year-old child? Take a thorough history of sexually explicit crimes? This is Dr. Brenna Tindall’s life. She’s here today talking all about assessment in the criminal justice system. Here are just a few things that we get into: Where to get referrals and how …

Rethinking ADHD Assessment

TTP #44: Dr. Ben Lovett – Rethinking ADHD Assessment

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Guess what? All those cognitive measures you’re administering during ADHD assessments aren’t really necessary. At least from the perspective of accommodations request reviewers like Dr. Ben Lovett. Dr. Lovett talks with us today about his role as a consultant for standardized testing companies and provides his thoughts on what actually defines ADHD from an assessment standpoint. I think you’ll find …

3 Ways You're Losing Money

TTP #43: 3 Ways You’re Losing Money (and What to Do About It!)

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Have you ever wondered why you’re making less money than you should be? Does this thought ever run through your mind: “I did six evals last month…where did all that money go?” Have you ever thought about closing your testing practice because it just wasn’t lucrative enough? We’ve all been there. I certainly have. The first time I actually looked …

New Year's Marketing Roundup

TTP #42: New Year’s Marketing Roundup

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Hello and happy New Year to all of you! Today I’m doing a rundown (or roundup) of all of my favorite marketing practices. As testing folks, we offer a service that is different than therapy and thus requires slightly different marketing efforts. Some of the things I talk about include: Which professions are best suited for face-to-face marketing (and which …

5 Ways to Have a Positive Feedback Session

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A guest post from Dr. Chris Barnes of Kalamazoo ADHD Consultants Imagine this, you’ve meticulously prepared for a feedback session after evaluating a 12 year old to determine whether her attention difficulties are the result of ADHD or of another origin. ¬†Your graphs are beautiful, your prepared delivery is going great….and then you notice a parent having a strong negative …

The Best Episodes of 2017

TTP #41: The Best Episodes of 2017

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Hello and welcome to the LAST episode of 2017!¬†Thank you all SO MUCH for being part of the Testing Psychologist journey over the last year! What started as a vague desire to “teach more” has now grown into more than I could ever imagine – a full year of podcasting, nearly 15,000 downloads, a Facebook Community of 500+ folks, and …

Three Holiday Action Items

TTP #40: Three Holiday Action Items for Your Practice

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Hello and happy holidays! I’m banking on the hope that you’ve decided to take a little time off to work ON your business this holiday season instead of simply working IN your business. It’s important to take stock once or twice a year and make sure that everything is running smoothly and efficiently. For us, that means things like revising …

All about autism spectrum assessment

TTP #39: Dr. Cathy Lord – All About Autism Spectrum Assessment

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If you haven’t heard of Catherine (Cathy) Lord, you’ve most likely used one of her instruments in your assessments. She’s been researching and developing assessment methods for autism spectrum disorder for about 40 years, and she is co-author of both the ADI-R and the ADOS (and ADOS-2) – two “gold standard” tools for assessing ASD symptoms. I talked with Cathy …